Willie the Worm

Willie the Worm was a star of 1950's Philadelphia TV.  He appeared in Channel 10's "Junior Hi-Jinx". Said Newton the Mouse of his friend Willie, "...Willie's forever telling interesting tales and it seems he knows about every subject there is. That's because Willie spent 4 years under the University of Pennsylvania.". Willie stars in the MOVIEHOUSE PRODUCTION slide show  "WNBP- Nostalgic Broadcasting in Philadelphia" .



What is Moviehouse Productions?  Moviehouse Productions takes its name from my first nostalgia program called "Moviehouse"; created in 1983.  "Moviehouse"  tells the  story of the  small movie theater's important, but vanishing role  in neighborhood life. In my subsequent "Moviehouse Productions" I explore many other fascinating nostalgic areas. I bring "Moviehouse Productions" to your location- club meetings, libraries, historical societies, religious organizations, or any group that enjoys good old time memories. Moviehouse Productions feature beautiful, bright digital images, my live commentary, and great music.

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